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Amjaad Al-Qemam for Educational Consultations is an organization dedicated to building a unique educational culture. We offer a diverse range of international competitions and professional educational courses for both teachers and students enrolled in national and international educational programs.

Our programs are distinctive due to their international scope and unique offerings. We collaborate with the Jordanian Ministry of Education and major supporting companies to provide specialized courses tailored to various international and national programs. Additionally, we organize specialized Olympic competitions, fostering a one-of-a-kind educational experience.

Amjaad Al-Qemam serves as an effective partner in evaluating students of King Abdullah II Schools for Excellence. Our institution is trusted by numerous educational institutions due to our role in student assessments, making us a reliable destination for all educational needs.

Absolutely. Our programs include professional educational courses specifically designed for teachers. These courses aim to enhance teaching methodologies, providing educators with valuable tools and insights to create an engaging and effective learning environment.

Yes, Amjaad Al-Qemam collaborates closely with the Jordanian Ministry of Education. This partnership allows us to align our programs with national educational standards, ensuring the highest quality of education for all participants.

Our specialized courses cover a wide range of subjects within international and national programs. These courses are designed to enhance students' knowledge and skills, providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Yes, our specialized Olympic competitions are open to students from all educational backgrounds. These competitions are carefully curated to challenge and inspire participants, fostering a unique educational culture and promoting healthy competition.

Educational institutions interested in collaborating with Amjaad Al-Qemam can reach out to us through our official channels. We welcome partnerships and collaborations to further enhance the educational experience for students and teachers alike.

Through our international competitions, professional courses, and partnerships, Amjaad Al-Qemam strives to create a distinctive educational culture. By encouraging innovation, fostering collaboration, and promoting continuous learning, we aim to shape a future where education is not just a process but an inspiring journey for both students and teachers.

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