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Science Olympiad is an exhilarating and intellectually stimulating competition that brings together some of the brightest young minds from around the world. It's a platform where students showcase their scientific knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and creativity on a global stage.

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About the Science Olympiad:

The Science Olympiad is an international competitive exam held online for students in Classes KG-10. For students of Classes KG-2, there will be only one level. There will be 2 levels for students of Classes 3-10. The exam is an objective-type test that the students need to complete in 60 minutes. For students of Classes KG and 1, the exam will be parent/teacher assisted. The time of the exam will be 45 minutes for KG students.

The exam consists of two sections:

Section-1: Practical Science
Section-2: Achievers Section

More Information About the Science Olympiad:

Other Important Information:

a- There are separate question papers for each and every class.
b- The medium of the exam is English.
c- The syllabus of various international boards is followed for the setting of test papers.
d- The online exams are conducted on web-enabled devices like laptops, tablets, or desktops with webcams. Mobile devices are not allowed.
e- For students of Classes KG and 1, the parent/teacher can assist the child in guiding through the questions.
f- In case the registration is not through school, the student will have to take the exam from home.

Eligibility Criteria for the Level 1 Science Olympiad exam

The basic requirements for participating in level 1 are listed below:

Students can participate in the examination both through school and individually.
Candidates studying in grades KG – 10 are eligible to participate in the level 1 examination.
Since it is an international Olympiad, students from across the world are eligible to participate in the examination.

Eligibility Criteria for the Level 2 Science Olympiad exam

1. Students need to at least qualify for the minimum marking criteria of level 1 to become eligible for the level 2 exam.

2. The qualifying criteria vary each year for each class.

Science Olympiad is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of scientific curiosity, a source of inspiration, and a nurturing ground for future scientific leaders. It embodies the idea that science is a universal language that transcends borders and unites young minds in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

Science Olympiad Provide the following for the sake of the our students success

  • Diverse Disciplines: Science Olympiads cover a wide range of scientific disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and earth sciences. Competitors are tested on their understanding of scientific concepts, theories, and their practical application.
  • Challenging Problems: The hallmark of a Science Olympiad is its challenging and thought-provoking problems. These problems often require a deep understanding of scientific principles and the ability to apply them to complex, real-world scenarios.
  • Global Participation: Science Olympiads attract participants from all corners of the globe, fostering international collaboration and cross-cultural exchange. Students from different countries come together to celebrate their shared passion for science.
  • Nurturing Scientific Talent: Participating in a Science Olympiad is an excellent way to nurture young scientific talent. It encourages students to explore the depths of scientific knowledge, hone their analytical skills, and develop a love for inquiry and discovery.
  • Inspiration and Recognition: Achieving success in a Science Olympiad is a remarkable accomplishment. It not only brings recognition but also serves as an inspiration to others interested in science. Olympiad medalists often go on to pursue advanced studies and contribute to scientific research.
  • Building Connections: Science Olympiads provide a unique opportunity for students to meet like-minded peers and establish connections with scientists and mentors. These connections can lead to valuable educational and research opportunities.

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