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The Mental Math Olympiad is an exhilarating competition that celebrates the power of mathematical agility and mental calculation. It's a platform where participants demonstrate their exceptional mathematical abilities by solving complex problems with speed, accuracy, and precision—without the aid of calculators or written calculations.

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About the Mental Math Olympiad:

The Mental Math Olympiad is an international exam organized for students in grades 1-12. Students from 25+ countries & 4000+ schools appear for this Mental Math’s competition to test their logical skills, aptitude, ability to perform mathematical operations quickly without the use of a calculator and much more. The competition aims to make students more prompt, confident and mentally agile.

Other Important Information:

a The medium of the exam is English.
b Syllabus of various international boards is followed to set the test papers.
c The exam is to be taken on web-enabled devices like laptop, tablet or desktop with webcam. Mobile devices are not allowed.
For students of class 1, the parent/teacher can assist the child in guiding them through the questions.

More Information About the Mental Math Olympiad:
a- There are separate question papers for each and every class.
b- The medium of the exam is English.
c- Syllabus of various international boards is followed for the setting of test papers.
d- The dictionary which will be used for reference is Oxford Learner’s Dictionary.
e- This will be w.r.t. spellings & meanings. In case, if the word is not found in this dictionary, then it is assumed that this word does not exist.
f- The online exams are conducted on web-enabled devices like laptop, tablet or desktop with webcam. Mobile devices are not allowed.
g- For students of Classes KG and 1, the parent/teacher can assist the child in guiding through the questions.
In case the registration is not through school, the student will have to take exam from home.

a- Conducted For Grades: KG to 10.
b- Mode of Examination: Online and Offline.
c- Exam Duration For KG: 45 min.
d- Exam Duration For 1-10: 60 min.
e- Type of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ ).
f- Levels of Examination: 1 Level in Offline Mode

Mental Math Olympiad is more than a competition; it’s a celebration of the beauty and power of mathematics. It showcases the extraordinary mental capabilities of individuals and inspires a love for mathematical exploration, highlighting that mathematics is not just a subject but a thrilling adventure of the mind.

Mental Math Olympiad Provide the following for the sake of the our students success

  • Mathematical Agility: Participants in the Mental Math Olympiad showcase their exceptional speed and accuracy in solving a wide range of mathematical problems. They perform lightning-fast mental calculations, proving that mathematics is not only about numbers but also about mental agility.
  • Diverse Challenges: The heart of the Mental Math Olympiad lies in its diverse range of mathematical challenges. Contestants tackle arithmetic, algebraic, geometric, and even probabilistic problems in a time-pressured environment, emphasizing their versatility and adaptability in mathematics.
  • Global Participation: The Mental Math Olympiad attracts participants from various corners of the world, creating a global celebration of mathematical talent. It fosters cross-cultural connections and showcases the universal language of mathematics.
  • Educational Entertainment: While it's a highly competitive event, the Mental Math Olympiad also serves as an educational platform, promoting mathematical literacy and problem-solving skills. It's both entertaining and intellectually enriching for participants and spectators.
  • Community of Math Enthusiasts: Participants in the Mental Math Olympiad join a community of math enthusiasts who share a passion for numbers and mental calculation. They connect, exchange ideas, and foster a sense of camaraderie through their shared love for mathematics.
  • Mental Math Champions: Winners of the Mental Math Olympiad are celebrated as mental math champions. Their incredible feats of mental calculation serve as an inspiration to others, reinforcing the idea that mathematical brilliance knows no bounds.

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